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Aerodynamic_frog and his trusty stick
Some attributes
First Rank: Elder
Second Location: Belgium
Third Joined: Wed Nov 16, 2011
Other attributes
Fourth Guild/Group: PigRiders

In the beginning...Edit

Having heard about this server from Desh195, Aerodynamic_frog and the rest of PigRiders were eager to start playing as most of them had been banned from their previous server: KingCraft. (Long story) On my first day I was surprised to see a friendly and welcoming community, something that KingCraft very much lacked. 


When Aerodynamic_frog first joined the server, it was in a Temp-map stage. PigRiders found a far off island and had fun building houses, burning down houses, and killing the thousand of chickens that Quantitas spawned in our houses. Yep, those were the good old days.


The time that Aerodynamic_frog played the most was during the Factions era. It was during the winter months that factions began and both Aerodynamic_frog and C7K were home from school due to various illnesses. It was during this day that we played Factions for hours, raiding bases, killing players and eventually founding PigRiders along with gorzendreef, Desh195 and Dorfkrug. Aerodynamic_frog is believed to have come up with the legendary name that strikes fear into the hearts of every player on the server.

Absence from the serverEdit

It was after the factions era that Aerodynamic_frog began to lose interest in the server. School, sport and other forms of entertainment began to take priority over Roleplay Craft. Aerodynamic_frog decided to take a break from the server and promptly abandoned the server without even leaving a note... But the friendly community and fun memories soon attacted Aerodynamic_frog back to his computer.

Present DayEdit

As soon as Aerodynamic_frog rejoined the server he was greeted by old friends and new friends. And was also reccomended for Elder by various players. Now-a-days you are likely to see Aerodynamic_frog fulfilling his name and flying across the skies of the server.
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Aerodynamic_frog swooping through the trees