Altoids IRL
Some attributes
First Name: Brady
Second Rank: Moderator, Elder, Royal
Third Location California
Other attributes
An_Altoids_Can is an Administrator on RoleplayCraft living in California. He joined the server on October 22, 2011, and later donated on January 5, 2012.

Early CareerEdit

Joining on October 22, 2012, he was greeted with the pre-Midshire temp map. Within minutes, he met the player Eric10001000, who had given him a wooden pickaxe. After wandering for some time, he eventually set up a shop in a small shack located in the swamp outside Spawn City, later moving to an island in the adjacent ocean.

Altoids First Home

Altoids' Island home on the pre-Midshire temp map.

During this time, Altoids wasn't very experienced in the ways of Minecraft, and as such didn't make many significant contributions, nor did he socialize that much either. He does, however, hold fond memories of this time, and the fact that "It was an impressive feat to see seven players on at a single time."