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Some attributes
First Name: Hans
Second Rank: Moderator
Third Location: Belgium
Other attributes
Fourth Preferred music bands: Basic Element, Dead by April
C7K joined the server on the 15th of November 2011 after hearing about it from his friend Desh195 who joined the day before. C7K is of Swedish nationality.

The Early DaysEdit

When C7K joined the server, the server's map was a map consisting of 4 kingdoms. C7K came on the server asking the king of Norsland if he could have a house in his kingdom.

But C7K did not enjoy the life in a small, partially abandoned kingdom, and so he decided to go build in the wilderness with the rest of his friends.


C7K and his friends played together on a tempmap that was put up a few weeks after they joined the server. Together they built a little village on a faraway island. Joining them was Quantitas (moderator at the time) and Chilly_Peppers (head assassin at the time, now banned).

Mischievous ActionsEdit

During the tempmap, C7K went exploring the map. He once came across a house filled with chests containing enchanted gold armour, diamond tools, and - outside the house - many diamond blocks. He decided to take the precious items, leaving only a few behind.

Also, during the tempmap, C7K wanted to help his friend take his house down, as he was going to make a house somewhere else. He decided to help burn down the house, this resulted in his friend burning down C7K's whole house. After a short explanation to Quantitas, Aerodynamic_frog was unbanned, as Quantitas discovered the burning of C7K's house had been provoked.


The first day of the Factions map, TD808 asked C7K whether he was a soviet or a member of FOTS (the two main factions) after answering "soviet", he was killed by a recently crafted stone sword. TD808 then ran away with xZombieMike to build FOTS' base.

Together with his friends (gorzendreef, Aerodynamic_frog, Dorfkrug, Desh195 and Demon_Bunny) C7K started a faction called PigRiders.

During the second Factions map, C7K started PigRiders with his friends once again.

Forum Moderator PromotionEdit

To help make Roleplay Craft's newspaper, TD808 asked gorzendreef and C7K if they wanted to be his reporters, writing articles in Roleplay-language. Both accepted, and were promoted.

Moderator PromotionEdit

In September TD808 asked on Teamspeak if C7K wanted to be a Moderator. After C7K accepted, TD808 said he would discuss the idea with xZombieMike. The next day; C7K, gorzendreef and Dragorn21 were promoted to Moderators.


  • C7K is not a "ban-happy" moderator, usually he issues rather short tempbans. But, if needed, he will permaban.