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Dbmeach1 in real life
Some attributes
First Name - James
Second Rank - Elder/Royal
Third Lives in Virginia, USA
Other attributes
Dbmeach1 is an Elder/Donator on RoleplayCraft living in Virginia. He joined the server on August 28, 2013, and later donated on January 4, 2015. He speaks at C#2 to a B1 and is known for having one of the, if not the deepest, voice on Roleplay Craft.


Over the course of his time Dbmeach1 has contributed and/or joined two major guilds.

Notable Guilds are as follows; The Elona Defense Force - The Huntran Vanguard

Background Edit

On 8-28-2013, After leaving his last server due it's shutting down because a player had removing $300 dollors worth of donations and it losing money, He was looking through server lists on Planet Minecraft  and noticed The Roleplaycraft tab suggested. He gave it a moments' thought and put in the IP. A young, strapping Dbmeach1 had joined as a dwarf to what he would come to call his "Home-away-from-sanity" and was swiftly contacted by DFTY who offered a spot in his unnamed dwarven Stronghold where he held his first roleplay. The next day, he joined the server to find that the map was one hour to changing to the pre-Karana temp map. He then came to learn that the server would periodicly change its map. At frist, this came to him with a twinge of grief thinking that all his work would be lost, but he quickly became accustomed to the idea. And thus, the map became the chaotic state of Temp Map.


After the end of the Temp Map; Dbmeach1, and his counterpart DFTY set out to make their marks in a new stronghold. After several hours of searching, he and DFTY had begun to carve out a hole and tower into the side of a mountain. This hole/tower stronghold would come to be called: "Deepholm" after the World of Warcraft stronghold of the same name. A majority of his time would be deticated to this stronghold, and it would become his namesake on Karana. After construction was completed, he traveled to the adjacent swamp too find that another group of players and created their own communtiy known as "Lakeview".


  • He is also known as "He-Who-Hates-Most-Things".
  • Dbmeach1 does not have any OOC houses. All of his homes are kept for IC roleplay.
  • Dbmeach1's voice is so deep, it does not exist on most vocal charts.