Elder is a respected rank on the server, attained after spending one year on the server and recieving the approval of at least four staff members .

There is nothing barring players from reaching elder except their actions, their attitude, and the way they treat other players.

Elder is the 2rd highest non-staff rank (Not counting VIP) . It comes after Duke/Duchess and has a dark blue chat title with Italics.

How to achieveEdit

To be an Elder, you require two things: Firstly, you have to have been on the server for a year, and secondly you need approvals from 4 or more staff members. Do not ask for approvals - those who deserve them will get them.

Permissions & PerksEdit

Along with everything Duke/Duchess has, Elders get also get the /fly command, which works seamlessly - just like on creative mode. However, they cannot spawn items. They get /kit elder, which contains 2 stacks of XP bottles, 8 water, 8 fire, a diamond pickaxe and 8 cobwebs. Aswell as /dc Pigzombie.

(One thing about /fly - You don't want to log out while flying, it automatically disables each time you log out!)

List of Elder Ranked PlayersEdit

This is a list of Elder players.

There are many more, feel free to add anyone to the list who isn't listed! (Yet) And, if your name is in red, that means you don't have a wiki page!

Make one, darnit!

List of Elder StaffEdit

List of staff who are elders (or up). (Yes, we have to be here a year on order to get /fly too!)