FaintingHope is an administrator on the server. In the Sweet Tea Party of the Admins , he is nicknamed 'Hope the Dark'.



FaintingHope joined RolePlayCraft during the Boosh City/Factions map alongside his friend SolarTap and brother Expoh. Taken in by a player by the name of PinkiePieMagic, FaintingHope spent his first few weeks living in a hobbit hole grinding his axes in the server's first private mob grinder. FaintingHope went on to found Reven, a swamp biome city that failed due to insurmountable amounts of mobs. Undaunted, he travelled far from civilization and founded a new city by the name of Faerun, a domain that when founded occcupied nearly a thousand blocks and birthed the first Assassin's Guild. The city's future fell to ruin soon after with the outlawing of assassination in the land, but received new life when Factions was introduced becoming the patron city of Darkness.

Darkness, a faction created by FaintingHope began as a small group of Donators who desired a thrill of fighting everyone without discretion, boasting the membership of FaintingHope, Expoh, MistaWaters, SlivalKnight, SolarTap, and LykinLore. Using his experience from his previous hard-core factions server, FaintingHope led Darkness to truly terifying power, attacking with such ferocity and creativity that they soon became the most hated group on the server, and the main enemy of FOTS(The Followers of the Squid), the "Staff" faction. Darkness soon fell due to inactivity, but the primary stronghold was never found by its enemies.


Upon arriving in Dansylvania, FaintingHope sailed south of Lyconia and founded the city of Graelik, a small sleepy island that would become home to the first Legends Guild. It was shortly after the founding of the guild that he became a staff member by the rank of Moderator, bypassing the Elder staff rank. As a Moderator, FaintingHope became known for his love of banning those that broke the rules, as well as the creator of great quests that required massive server participation. Some of his quests on the map were the Fall of Graelik, the Fall of Ivax, the Defense of Anemoi, Into Sorrow's Furnace, The Siege of Icemark, and the Assault of Frost Tower, a quest never completed due to a map change. It was on this map that FaintingHope attained the staff rank of Administrator, a position he is very proud of and takes quite seriously.

Kingdoms & DalentarthEdit

FaintingHope was the ruler and founder of the kingdom Dalentarth in the Kingdoms map. Following his untimely death on the Scar during the questline Unto the Raven's Wing, An_Altoids_Can took the throne of Dalentarth. Fairly inactive on the map due to playing Guild Wars 2, FaintingHope returned aproximately 2 months before the end of the map, finishing his questline hurriedly in anticipation for the end of the map.


FaintingHope's plans for this map include the rebirthing of the Legends Guild, an activity to include a questline on the history of RPC's races and the introduction of explorable dungeons.