Ankh MorporkEdit

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~ Situated West of main Spawn

Ankh Morpork is a city state and the only of the four kingdoms to depose its king and form a civil society. The theme for the capitol city is inspired by the Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett (if you have never read any Pratchett I suggest you do, his books are awesome).

Ankh Morpork was led by its Patrician TD808 with the help of his City Council.

The society had a peaceful commerce and role-play positive civic authority.

The theme of the main city was something similar to the picture below.

Ankh morpork

An artist's representation of Ankh Morpork

Ankh Morpork promoted equality, freedom and a sense of humour, even with the threat of Morthar 's schemes looming over its citizens.


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~ Situated East of main Spawn , Dalentarth 


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~ Situated South of main Spawn , Malastare


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~ Situated North of main Spawn , Norsland