2013-02-21 13.58.19

A single oppressed Moo Moo.

Moo Moos, otherwise known as the sole reason of Mooriop476's existence, are commoonly moodered by angered players.  Moo Moos are also known to proovide meat for carniverous moonsters to moosticate and devour.

Moo Moo MoneyEdit

Moo Moo Money is a commoon start of friendships in the land of Caldor.  It is mooney payed to the owner of a moodered Moo Moo by the mooderer.

Gallery of Moo MoosEdit

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2013-02-21 13.59.51

A herd of wild Moo Moos.

2013-02-19 23.37.31

Several Moo Moos on Mariop476's escape ship from Dansylvania.