Moricai_Avenger, real name John, has been playing minecraft since beta 1.0, and has been on the server since the begining of the Dansylvania map. He began his life as a simple miner, living fruitfully in the peasant world, and making a pretty profit of mined diamonds and farmed melons. He, erm... helped the staff find an exploit allowing for the duplication of items during this time, and left the peasant world forever a week before he got citizen. The day after he achieved citizen, he was handed the keys to The Empire of the Mighty Hammer by the Emperor Mortimer the 1st, now ex-mod, then lord, TheFullMorty. As one of the two major powers in Dansylvania, the Empire was pitted in brutal, bloody, terrible, _______(adjective for something bad) war with the Mike City Republic, the second largest, and incredibly inferior rival nation. Through tactile diplomacy and fearless leadership, he brought peace between the two, and ended all war everywhere 5eva! (dats lngr dan 4eva) During MOrthar's attacks on Dansylvania, his city, Pacis, was the only victory on the side of Dansylvania, thanks to his expert planning and collection of beacons, walls, and iron golem army. Before moving to Caldor in the face of Morthar's evil, he led the charge away from Dansylvania, building several large ships all of which, save for his personal airship, where burned into the ocean by attacking blazes and wither bosses. After Dalentarth seceded from Malastare, Moricai was given Earldom of the Island of Sigefell, the largest island in the land. During his time in Caldor he became the server's 1st millionaire, earning him the nickname Moricai, the Capitalist Pig. Upon the (event omitted due to spoilers) he moved to Darmus and founded Dum Baruk, The Hall of Axes, a city built for dwarves and gnomes, the short pleople he called kin. He currently resides there as ruler, with a seat on the council..