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Some attributes
First Name: Omri
Second Rank: Immortal
Third Location: Israel
Other attributes
Fourth Occupation: Brewmaster

Omri (Formerly known as Omri100 joined the server on the 31st of March 2012 after looking for a roleplay server for over a month and a half. Omri is of Israeli nationality.

The Early DaysEdit

When Omri100 joined the server, the server's map was a map consisting of the many city states and kingdoms, Omri came on the server and found a nice small town to stay in: Swordscrest which he later bought and developed into a large city.

The Dansylvanian EraEdit

After the old map was deleted, Omri tried to seek a new path in life, and he found it in the small town of graelik, where he became the town's blacksmith, then on a sunny august day, he disappeard with no trace for two and a half months.

The Battles Over DansylvanyaEdit

When Omri reappeared on the server, it was when the skies became dark, he soon found out that an old evil has came out of the void to destroy the land of Dansylvania, Omri soon made his gear and started fighting the evil.

Battle of LyconiaEdit

Omri was one of the warriors who took part in the battles over Lyconia and has slayed many undead beasts while defending it, but to no avail. The evil, who is named Morthar had defeated the defenders and destroyed Lyconia,

together with a small group of survivors, Omri sailed on the last boat from Lyconia towards a new land.

The Kingdoms EraEdit

Upon arriving to the land of kingdoms, Omri found himself traveling to the city state of Ankh Morpork, where with his last gold coins he bought a home, and not too soon later, became the head diplomat of the city.

1.4.6 TempmapEdit

while playing in the temp map, Omri was called to a discussion on teamspeak, where he was promoted to a moderator rank, shortly later the server got back to the usual map.

He was demoted for misusing his powers.

Promotion of 2013 Edit

Omri was promoted again to the rank of mod on December 27th 2013, along with Thecatwhomines and Zaravarine. during his second term as a moderator he was also configurating the "Brewery plugin"

Catastrophy of the "Omri Effect" Edit

After an unfortunate Worldedit mishap, The map known as Elona was corrupted, Admitting to his mistakes, Omri was discharged of all modly duties and set to the rank of ancient

June 2014 and beyond Edit

After a two month absence in the summer due to some events beyond his control (Operation Protective Edge/Gaza war), Omri returned to the server hopefully for good this time, On April 11th 2015, Omri obtained the rank of Immortal.


  • Omri is scared of cookie monsters
  • Omri currently resides in Shivershore
  • Omri is a renowned artist known for "his creative and unusual type of painting"[1]
  • Omri Is an avid drinker of fine alcoholic beverages, and is known for his homebrews IRL

References List Edit

  1. As said by skitz: "Interesting, Unusual, I like it"