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PigRiders was one of the biggest factions during the factions maps. It is also the name that the original members (Aerodynamic_frog , C7K , Desh195, Dorfkrug and gorzendreef ) often refer to themselves as.

PigRiders is also the official kingsguard of Norsland. A role which was proposed by King Bytor5 and with a few (3 out of 5) of the members in PigRiders accepting this, the title was accepted.


PigRiders was first thought of by Aerodynamic_Frog and he invited his friends (C7K, Desh195, Dorfkrug and gorzendreef) to join. Members who joined later include: Demon_Bunny, GermFreeLild, Blackarro9 and mrburnsalot (who was a spy sent by FOTS).

List of membersEdit

Name Map 1

Map 2

Aerodynamic_Frog - founder Yes Yes
C7K - founder Yes Yes
Desh195 - founder Yes Yes
Dorfkrug - founder Yes Yes
gorzendreef - founder Yes Yes
Blackarro9 No Beginning
Demon_Bunny Yes Yes
geatmers No Yes
GermFreeLild Yes No
mrburnsalot Yes No
Quantitas No Part of
2012-06-02 12.15.52

TNT and creepers were how the PigRiders got into protected bases.


PigRiders quickly gained their power through the high amount of members in the faction. Players being able to co-operate via Skype was also helpful, and much of the battle-planning took place during physics lessons at school.

Although PigRiders had many members, they were also superior in armour and weapons to many of the other factions. The diamonds acquired to make the tools and weapons were obtained by some players who used x-ray hacks. However, no players were banned for it, as gorzendreef admitted to TD808 that he and some others using x-ray and promised to never use it again.

2012-07-07 19.11.05

The last ever PigRider base.


PigRiders managed to keep away from all other factions' search parties. Their base was located on a small island far away from spawn. They managed to keep up this act until GermFreeLild and mrburnsalot went on a holiday. According to FOTS member xZombieMike, the base was filled and destroyed using TNT, however no PigRider can confirm this.

During the second factions map, concealment became PigRiders' main power. Keeping their base hidden and striking against smaller factions, using TNT and creepers.

FOTS Alliance (Second Factions Map)Edit

With the new faction Darkness, run by FaintingHope, becoming more and more powerful. With members outclassing any one player in combat skills alone, PigRider C7K decided to take action, siding with their old enemy FOTS to beat their common enemy: Darkness.


Although the days of Factions are behind us, the 5 founders of PigRiders are still known by the faction's name. In 


Dorfkrug in the post-Factions era, wearing the PigRider jacket.

fact, two of them have gone to become moderators. Today, a few of the PigRider veterans can be seen wearing a black leather biker jacket with a pig's face on the back. Also, the PigRider religion is still practiced by a few, with C7K being the main priest.

Rumour has it that the PigRiders are to start a town called New Pork.


  • For a very short while, PigRiders changed their name to GhastBusters.