The Spawn of Roleplay Craft is the hub for most player activity. It is known as New Lyconia (In honor of Dansylvania's spawn and capitol). It has many shops, homes, and little fun things for players to discover. It is also a center of RP.


2014-03-01 14.03.40

Portal to the Creative World and Shrine to the Flying Squid


The shrine built out of lapis blocks includes a sign that takes the player to the Creative World. Noble Rank+ players are allowed to purchase a 128x128 creative plot for 500GC of in-game currency. After purchasing their plot, players are able to build whatever is it they like so long as it abides by the server's rules.

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An example of the ships and signs that are in spawn.


City-State PortalsEdit

The ships at spawn hold signs, which players can slick and  thus warp to the town / city state to whom which that ships belongs to.

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The Isle of Volandus (above) and the ship that travels to New Lyconia (below)


The Isle of Volandus

The Isle of Volandus, with the ship that sails to New Lyconia, is an island home to the last king of Elona. Built on a lone island, it is the  site of the meeting held to surrender the kingdom of Elona.

Admin ShopEdit