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TD808's spawn tree

The community is very proud of our helpful staff. Fun-loving, quick to respond and happy to help, we have different ranks for a range of responsibilities.

All staff members have access to most commands; the higher the rank, the more commands available. Staff members have the use of administrative plugins such as Worldguard, Worldedit, and Logblock, amongst others. Staff members all have permission to use creative mode, but may not give spawned items to non-staff players.

Around Spawn, all admins have a pruned birchwood tree with their name, saying 'This Tree is Not Named *their name*'. Some members choose to customise their tree - xZombieMike's tree is surrounded by botanical buddies such as Rashid the Cactus, amongst others.


The six admins are the people who keep this ship afloat. Hand picked by the owner, TD808 , he and his colleagues , xZombieMike ,  Quantitas and FaintingHope , as well as An_Altoids_Can and mariop476 take care of everything administrative, official, and behind-the-scenes. You name it, they have permission for it. 

The admins are often seen lurking in Teamspeak , or hanging out at the Tea Party of the Admins .

Admins, when required, are promoted from the pool of current Moderators.


Moderators are picked by the admins from the community when needed. Selected for hard work, dedication, and personality, the moderators keep the community happy. It's the job of the moderator to apply ranks or races, answer questions, and keep the peace on the server.

List of current moderatorsEdit

Username: Moderator Since:

July 2015 -

Moricai_Avenger March 2013 -
Jeff22 July 2014 -
SkittlezdaHusky August 2013 -
T0xicMyst October 2013 -
Thecatwhomines December 2013 -
Raptor April 2015

Moderators, when required, are promoted from the community. Do not ask for Mod; this only hurts your chances. We will approach the best candidates ourselves.


VIP is a minor staff rank reserved for distinguished membersof the community who have made a positive difference . VIP is a very respected rank, with few commands but with access to creative mode, used for server builds and personal projects.

VIP can not be given or applied for. There are few VIPs around - notably, Flyaway123WakeyWarrior, Maybevin, Dragorn21, zaravarine, Okrayob, Omri100, AcneZebra, and storm_caller.

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