The Black Rose is a small guild started on the Elona/Estalia Map. It is a mercenary's guild. It is run by darkpfire.

The Black RoseEdit

~The Black Rose~

[side note: this guild can ONLY be entered trough RP]


The Black Rose is a RolePlay Mercenary Guild,

As such we are a group of people who are sworn to do anything a contract entails as long as the price matches the task.

To join us is an act of secrecy,

You must speak to the founder in person, fools need not apply.

The group, as stated in the Code of The Rose, is ran by its own Honor, without this honor, the Rose may wilt and die.


You may have heard of the mysteries that are occurring around the lands...

People are being murdered, are dissappearing, and are being stolen from...

And it is all shrouded in Darkness.

Nobody has seen thses acts being commited, and the only clue left behind is a small card with a black rose drawn on it, or a black rose.

Only those knowing how to contact them may have seen one in his robes or those who are hired to do their chores or protect them...

They are known as the mystery as they do not provide names, and are known for their secrecy.

No names are asked....

No questions are permitted....

Anyone who betrays them end up dead!

Only thing that is known only thing they know is that they get there messages from bats and ravens where nobody knows who sended them accept them...

some have noticed that lots of bats and ravens have been sen around etherwood....

so be aware as we are always watching ....

-Code of The Rose-

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  • Honor the Black Rose, honor your brothers and sister who follow the Rose.
  • Respect those who have more experience than yourself.
  • Contracts are never free, 
  • debts need to be paid!
  • they Ally to no group, follow the Rose and the let the highest bidder decide the fate.
  • those who sell out there brothers and sisters or break the codes will experience a very painful dead !


  • -follow the code
  • -don't go OP
  • -respect those who have earned the respect
  • -skills MUST be learned trough Role play even skills bought (/vanish unless born with perk (like vampires) )
  • -you always listen to higher ranked members !
  • -only accept jobs you can complete if not able ask higher members for help or offer the job to him


  • Founder: Dark Wolf
  • under guarding assistant : Scarlet Empath
  • under guard:


  • master merc /Black Rose: 
  • skilled merc /Withered Rose: 
  • high novice merc /Necrotic Roseling: 
  • novice merc/Withered Bud: 
  • merc/Necrotic Bud: 
  • baby merc/Dark Seedling: Talon,....