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The Roboris Sovereignty's Symbol

The Roboris Sovereignty is the first "neutral" superpower guild founded by Head Ethereal Megaorc. The guild believes itself as it's own Sovereign nation and (If it can) wants to split off from the four kingdoms to create it's own neutral territory.

The Founding of the RSEdit

Once Dansylvania was destroyed and Inhabitants fled to form the four kingdoms, peace reigned once again but only months later that peace was disrupted and cast aside by corruption,greed and anarchy. The people of the four Kingdoms knew no better and blames on the dark forces that ruined Dansylvania, but some people saw the truth that it wasn't just the forces of evil that stop peace, it was the forces of holy good as well,their blind faith and motivation is misguiding them to fight the forces of supposed "evil" by killing innocents. Having seen this a group of these true believers of peace joined together to make what is now known as the Roboris Sovereignty.


The Roboris Sovereignty's Ideology is based around the "greater good". This system takes side,trade,towns,villages and people who will help this "greater good". The "greater good" in the eyes of the RS is to protect the world with peace and serenity, however the "greater good" only applies to the help (and harm) of the guild itself.

 The HierarchyEdit

The Hierarchy based around five elements; Air,Fire,Earth,Water and Ethereal

The Fire sect is responsible for handling the warriors in the Roboris nation,protecting their towns and villages and possibly even expanding them.

The Air sect deals with ranged warfare. They are also responsible for scouting out and spying on those enemy forces.

The Earth sect builds up the Sovereignty creating outposts and fortifications in controlled towns (should they need them), they are responsible for gathering materials and resources to strengthen the Sovereignty, They can also play as the support role in fights.

The Water sect handles the political affairs, negotiating with other guilds, reaching out to town and villages that are vulnerable, and help boost trade to make the Sovereignty be more influential.

The Ethereal sect is only a group of five elite members who govern and tie all the other four sects together.

Of the Four elemental sects come regiements with each have a captain in, The Ethereal sect has 4 Ethereals each leading the 4 elemental sect and the Last Ethereal governs the entire Sovereignty.


Despite being a new guild The RS has made allies with The Wood Guard, The Dark Circle, The Shinsengumi of Caldor and The Rebirth of legends guild. The RS has also claimed the towns of Verdis and Moonvale under it's banner.

The Roboris Sovereignty are now creating their main base which involves building 5 mini bases into 5 mountains with bridges connecting them all.