The University of EddingtonEdit

The University of Eddington is a University created by the player CODmaster30 on the Teuthida map. Anybody can join, as a student or a professor.


The University has a wide variety of subjects. A list can be found below.

  • Politics
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Literature
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Sports
  • Medicine
  • Economics

We plan to add more subjects as the University grows in size and popularity.

The StaffEdit

The University Staff are friendly, and are willing to answer any questions you may have.

Headmaster - Mark Hacery (CODmaster30)

Professors of Politics - Adfram Gnome (Atomicpenguin101) and Edrai (KingUK10)

Professors of Mathematics - Edrai (KingUK10) and Jonathan Drathmoon (drath12345)

Professor of Science - Jonathan Drathmoon (drath12345)

Professor of Philosophy - Edrai (KingUK10)

Professor of Literature - Romanus Fairchild (Kingmcbt3)

Professor of Drama - Felix Potatodrinker (Creeperking013)

Professor of Medicine - Korie K. (xDash01)

Professor of Economics - Johannes Jingleheimer (xZombieMike)

Professor of Music - Delilah Fontwourth (UnpleasingEazY)

Professor of Sports - None

The Students​​Edit

Currently, we have nine students, and we hope to soon have more!

  1. Alexandra Hearth (xDash01)
  2. Zuniroa (Zuniroa4689)
  3. Alkes Conersmith (captvator)
  4. Karl von Krump (krumpetz)
  5. Sylvan Vega (Snakerider1016)
  6. Autumn Robinson (enderwolf616)
  7. Auxol Sythaerin (TwiceDead)
  8. Apolius Fairchild (Mr_Apolo)
  9. Argos Windheim (snoopiestcoder3)

The FeeEdit

The Current Fee to join as a student is 250 Gold Coins. All the earnings go toward earning the University a warp.

The School of ArchaeologyEdit

The School of Archaeology is part of the University of Eddington. It has various locations around the map. It educates students about the history of Teuthida. It will announce all findings in The Roleplaycraft Times.

The StaffEdit

The Staff is willing to lend a helping hand, and will answer any questions you may have.

Head: Dr. Zoron Bryzgalov (bryz209)

Staff Member: Jonah Sanredrer (TH3GHOSTWAFFL3) - Research Focus: Underwater Archaeology

The StudentsEdit

Currently there are no students in the School, but we're hoping that will change!

The FeeEdit

The fee will be the same as the University.

In Conclusion....Edit

In Conclusion, the University is a place full of helpful staff, friendly students, and you'll surely have a great time! Any Donations to the University would be greatly appreciated, and would go towards getting a warp. Thank you for your time.