Thecatwhomines brief profile
Nickname: Cat
Rank: Moderator

Thecatwhomines is a moderator on Roleplaycraft. He joined on the 1st of April, and was promoted to Moderator on the 27th of December.

Before his moderator daysEdit

Cat joined during the latter half of the Caldor map. His villager application was approved by navirnomrah, and he became a human. He didn't really know what to do on RPC, and he joined a village which did not have a name in Malastare, Godric's kingdom. It was a nice village, located in a nice bay, but eventually it died out, leaving Cat the only active member. After a while, the Darmus map was launched. Cat became one of the leaders of New Denshir, but after two weeks, the map corrupted, leaving the community devastated and Cat without a town.

The temp map saw Cat and a friend, maky2442, carve out a town out of two small buildings in the desert, constantly besieged by mobs until they managed to build a wall. They later christened the town Satunstone, and it became one of Cat's prouder achievements on the server, until Karana launched. The temp map was also when Cat became active on the TeamSpeak

Cat didn't do much on Karana. His computer was busted and he could not get on, until he got a new one. He later set up an ocean house near a mushroom biome. He became good friends with SkittlezdaHusky, megaorc, Omri100 and others during Karana.

During his moderator daysEdit

Cat was promoted to Moderator on the 27th of December, 2013. He is currently in training with server administration along with new moderator Zaravarine and previously demoted moderator Omri100.