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Timshels Selfie.

Timshels is an Elder that joined the server on August 7th, 2012. 


Timshels found Roleplaycraft whilst looking for a new server to play on. The previous server, an RP server, was shut down due to lack of maintenance and cost. 

MRD2Z (Timshels) first joined Roleplaycraft on the temporary map before Dansylvania. During the Dansylvania map, MRD spent most of his time tending to the server's library, located in Lyconia. This was continued until the fateful Darmus map, where more than 100 books collected over time were lost. 

MRD2Z changed his username to Timshels during the Caldor map. 

(More Coming Soon)

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Timshels (left) and MRD2Z (right) taking a stroll.