Tsukiharuhi, or more notably called Tsuki, is a long time member of the server.

She has been with RPC since June 2011 due to RPC using an old IP she had on her server list. She is a self-proclaimed princess and weeaboo based on the content she posts in forum topics. Her trademark sounds include nasally voices and a high-pitched little girl voice which can be heard when talking to her on Teamspeak.

From the Beginning to the Now Edit

As a weary youth scrounging the internet for friends, she stumbled upon RPC as the third server she has ever played in when the second map, containing Norsland, Albion, and Midshire, was up in late 2011. She soon found comfort in the hands of staff and friends, and soon was there fun times to become of it. For a while, she welcomed women of any kind into the server, usually capsing WOMAN when they first join the game. Honestly, she liked the idea of being the main woman on a server, so she stayed, having RPC be on her top priority for the next year.The hobbies she had adapted while playing on the server were making pixel art, helping the community with buildings, and being a woman.

During this time, she developed a habit of falling in love and marrying a number of people, one of which caused her second leave on April 12, 2013.

From returning two years later, she continues to maintain her perverted atmosphere, usually insulting others and adding unncessary comments wherever she deemed right. 

Staff, Teamspeak, and Leaves Edit

Staff rankingEdit

Tsuki was given Elder rank sometime in the early days of the Third Map, doing a superb job of helping out the new and old players with her feminine charm. The moderator rank was applied on March 29, 2012 which was held with pride until December of 2012 when she collapsed with stresses of having social and online lives. She upholds the Ancient rank currently. 


Tsuki joined Teamspeak in May of 2012 and was notorious for her oral-sex-sounding noises she emitted from her mouth and into her mic. She goes on regularly everyday usually in the afternoons and late mornings. 


During winter of 2012, high school had taken grasp of Tsuki, and she was unable to get on for sometime, but on February 18, 2013, Tsuki resumed her throne of being loved and cherished forever more. She again left on April 12, 2013 to dabble in Teamspeak several times each month before staying permanently on the Dehnrest map by July 18, 2015.