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VR48, Veralias, Sam in 2013.

Veralias, Joined Roleplaycraft on March 13. 2012, under the name VR48 Invited by friends from his town, An_Altoids_Can , and Spiter102 Both of whom helped him heavily.

Early DaysEdit

Joining on the Servers Second factions map, the map played before before Dansylvania and immediately setting up two quickly made towers, and becomming a very regular player. Later, on the Dansylvania map VR48 or Veralias now set up shop on an island with Altoids and Spiter102, building a fancy brick house and going on crazy adventures at this time joining the Teamspeak group, where he then grew quickly into a more known member of the community. Advancing through several other maps, and even acting as one of FOTS members during Factions.

The age of Mel'SenshirEdit

During the Caldor map, Veralias Re-appeared in it's early days, quickly taking up post alongside An_Altoids_Can, who sat by King Faintinghope of Mel'Senshir, Acting as the Court Steward it was Veralias' job to oversee the wall expansion project, to which there were not enough workers to complete and the project was never completed, but during this time Veralias acted in several other ways as a member of the court. Throughout the time of the Caldor map, Veralias worked on what he had time for, but sadly life caught up with him, and he dissappeared for quite some time, upon returning he found that Mel'Senshir had been destroyed, and his role over during this time, He also became an Elder, after playing for a year and even past that, he had finally joined the Ranks of his fellow Elders.

Current TimesEdit

Nowadays, Veralias spends his days on the server with his friends while enjoying other games, The loss of the newest map worried him as his group had lost their business in the event, but on the Tempmap they now hold on to the fun times as the server works towards a brighter future.