In the beginning, there were few whom understood this one. During the times of the TempMap of 2012, VerticeLupus was but a simple Villager, now, he has become a Moderator, peacekeeper, and friend to all. His beginning on RPC was that of a small voice, an ever-growing voice of passion and love for those around him. Now, as the Spring season comes about, that little voice has grown to become one of the most well-known on the server. Working hard to show his dedication and his intelligence in server matters, he strives to become the Admin that everyone knows that he can be.


VerticeLupus, Alpha Wolf.

Little is known about his personal life, other than what he has deemed worthy to share on his forum profile, posts, and his in-game snippets of largely spontaneous roleplays. His roleplaying style is one of unique nature, he acts as his character would, but in a most-detaied way. When one RP's with the Wolf, the beast comes out a little bit at a stime, even if only to bare fangs and let loose a few snarls.

For this young, magnanimous male, love and toleration come as easily as Cake goes to Pie. Best not to get on his bad side, though. Break any rules, and you'll soon find yourself on the recieving end of his sharp blade, or even worse, his sharper tongue.

P.S. Will write more when I feel up to it.