A Villager Application is written by every Peasant who wants to continue playing on the server with more permissions. As Peasant has very few abilities and commands, and can only build in the Starter World , nearly everyone writes an application.

Another type of applications, Rank Applications , are written when applying for any higher ranks. A Villager Application is the only kind of application which falls into its own category.

Applying for VillagerEdit

When applying for villager, the player must create an account on the forums . Once it has been activated, they must publish a new topic in the 'Apply Here For Villager ' section. It will be accepted and applied by a staff member as soon as one sees it, as long as the application is written in the correct format. This can take anything up to 24 hours, although most applications are applied within hours or even minutes.

For a full explanation of permissions gained when promoted to Villager, see the ranks page.


Write your application in the application section as follows, filling in the blanks:

Your minecraft username:

Have you read the rules?

What race would you like to be set as?